Public Roundtable

Nellie Chu

This talk examines the role of counterfeit goods and fashion brands in mediating encounters among African and Chinese traders in Guangzhou.

Nellie Chu is a Postdoctoral Researcher at CETREN.

Manon Diederich

In my Phd project “Longing to Become. On Gendered Identities and Mobilities Between Senegal, Gambia and China”, I am trying to trace the social implications of Senegalese and Gambians’ lives between China and their countries/locales of origin. Social categories such as gender, generation, nationality and socio-economic background are important factors influencing my informants’ conceptions of themselves as social actors in the translocal context they are living in. In my presentation, I want to explore some of these social dynamics by using photography as a means to visualize as well as a mode to critically reflect on different modes of representation.

Manon Diederich is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Cologne.

Christian Hanussek

The economic and political bonds and exchanges between the Peoples’ Republic of China and the African continent have intensified with an unprecedented pace in the last two decades. It is the aim of this research and exhibition project to take a closer look at the developments and changes of daily life experiences, working conditions, consumer habits and new visual cultures that are generated in this encounter.

Christian Hanussek is an artist, writer and curator based in Berlin. Born in 1953 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Christian studied art and art-theory at “Städelschule”, Frankfurt/M. and “ateliers ‘63”, Haarlem, The Netherlands. His art combines painting and film or video. In recent years he has published several texts and curated some presentations of art from Africa.


Gerda Heck & Xiaopeng Zhou

In her current research Gerda Heck analyzes the ways in which Congolese migrants and traders in Guangzhou establish themselves locally and in their respective cities of residence (in Europe or Africa), and how they try to gain social and political rights. Based on their collaborative research in Guangzhou, Gerda Heck and artist Xiaopeng Zhou will explore the agency and everyday practices of traders (applying Aihwa Ong’s notion of citizenship). Furthermore they will discuss the particular requirements of drawings as part of their research methodology.

Gerda Heck is a Postdoctoral Researcher at CETREN.

Xiaopeng Zhou is a Berlin based artist. Born 1985 he studied until 2008 fine arts in Guangzhou. In 2015 he finished his master studies at the Berlin art school Weißensee. In his work he uses drawing as an artistic research method. Based on his drawings and held conversations he develops his artistic work. His current project explores the daily life of sub Saharan African traders in Guangzhou.

Michaela Pelican

I will analyze photographer Li Dong's vision and pictorial representation of Chinese multicultural society and the role of African migrants, using an approach on memory and visual representation inspired by Johannes Fabian's work.

Michaela Pelican is Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Cologne.

Yu Qiu

Researching inter-racial marriage of Nigerian migrants and Chinese people in Guangzhou, Yu will discuss her documentary film, "Rase's Choice", which follows Rase, a young Chinese woman from Guangzhou, falling in love with a Nigerian trader, Kevin. Yu's talk will focus on issues of visibility and invisibility in the process of ethnographic documentation and visual presentation.

Yu Qiu is a Phd Candidate in the Division of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge.


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